Hooked on Twilight?

The other week, one of my students borrowed New Moon from our school library. The next day I asked her how the book was going and she started gushing about how she can’t stop reading the book and she wants to know what will happen. She told me it’s not like other books she read and it seemed like this book had her hooked. Another student also started reading Twilight as well and she had a similar response, saying that the book was soo good.

So I felt compelled to actually start reading Twilight myself. I know I’m a few years late to jump on the Twilight craze, but I think being in Korea I didn’t really experience all the hype here. I didn’t see any of the movies either, so I plan on reading the books first. I really don’t like watching movies before reading the book because it makes me not want to read the book if I already know the ending.

Anyways, I’m still in the beginning of the book, where Bella decides to go with Edward to Seattle. 🙂

Please fill out the poll below! I’m curious to see what you think about Twilight! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hooked on Twilight?

  1. melody says:

    haha, such an easy read- I was ADDICTED. i never even bought a book, I just went to barnes n noble and read one right after the other in a big cushion chair. so far in korea I have turned 1 brit, 1 american, 1 canadian, and 1 korean over to the dark side.

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