Challenge #5- City of Heart & Seoul

For this challenge, it all about images, and how to add and use images in your blog. I decided to create a collage using photovisi about Seoul. There are so many things that I love about Seoul, so I've put together a few of my best shots of its delicious food, sights, and heart. It … Continue reading Challenge #5- City of Heart & Seoul

Challenge #4- Wimp Yourself

This challenge encouraged us to make avatars using different websites. Here are some new avatars I made using the following websites:  Reasonably  Clever (Lego character) & Picasso Heads How to create a wimp yourself avatar in 3 easy steps: 1)Go to  Wimp yourself and  create your own character that resembles the Diary of a Wimpy Kid character. Save … Continue reading Challenge #4- Wimp Yourself

Challenge #2- How to Keep Your Heartbeat

Since I've joined the edublogs teacher challenge, I've come across so many interesting teaching blogs. It's like I've stepped into the whole new world of blogging and all it took was a few clicks! Challenge#2 is about writing effective posts. I really like the analogy that they give, that the post is like the heartbeat … Continue reading Challenge #2- How to Keep Your Heartbeat