Celebrating Valentine’s Day!

I'm a bit late posting this, but here are some of the heart maps & heart poems my students created. I had the students cut out hearts using the painted paper they made. One one side they put a heart map, where they map out all the things in their "heart". Then, I had them … Continue reading Celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Simple Valentine’s Day Craft

For Valentine's Day this year, I had them decorate paper bags with painted paper and buttons. My kids LOVED decorating with buttons. They will put valentines they get from classmates in the baggies. I am always so impressed by my fifth graders' creativity!!! Take a look at some of their bags. Upcoming posts: More valentine's … Continue reading Simple Valentine’s Day Craft

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Photo by┬áMartin Greffe released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Today in science class, I had students answer this question: What makes a great teacher? We are working on a project where they will be teaching other students about volcanoes. Since they will be taken on the role of a "teacher" I wanted them … Continue reading What Makes a Great Teacher?

Final Challenge: 5 Important Lessons on Blogging

I'm a bit sad that the edublogs teacher challenge is ending. This past month I've really learned a lot about blogging and it has really helped me become a better blogger! Thank you to all the educators out there participating in this challenge. I learned so much from all of your posts. 5 important lessons … Continue reading Final Challenge: 5 Important Lessons on Blogging

Must Attend Summer Workshops!

Yes, it is time for teachers to start planning out their summer vacations! I wanted to highly recommend the summer workshops for teachers of reading and writing at Teacher's College at Columbia University in NYC. It is fantastic and life changing professional development for the ELA teacher. After going my first year, it really changed … Continue reading Must Attend Summer Workshops!