SOLC#8: Larvae Giveaway

On Friday, I let one of my students bring in their hedgehog. Well, a few of my boys started complaining that they wanted to bring in their stag beetles.  I told them that one of them could bring in one stag beetle on Wednesday and the other could bring in one stag beetle on Thursday. Then, they kept asking if they could bring more than one so the stag beetles could fight each other. I told them no. This morning, one of them had another request.

It was 8:05am and the students slowly started to trickle into the classroom. As they hung up their puffy black and green coats, one of my students rushed into the classroom and headed straight towards me.

“Ms. Kim, can I bring in my white larvae??” He asked anxiously.

“No. Just bring in your stag beetle.” I replied.

“Please, can I bring it in??!!” He whined.

“Why?” I asked, not wanting to know the answer.

“I need to give it to someone.”

“Who are you going to give it to?” I wondered who would be the lucky recipient of a stag beetle larvae.

“I have to give it to this guy.” He replied.

“Fine, bring in your larvae and ONE stag beetle tomorrow.”

I’m sure I’ll have some possible slice entries these next two days as the adventures continues…

3 thoughts on “SOLC#8: Larvae Giveaway

  1. elsie says:

    I like your use of dialogue, it made the writing come alive. Yes, I’m sure you will have lots to slice about after this exchange. Can you get a picture of the beetle and the larvae?

  2. onesunflower says:

    ditto – pictures! I’m going to have to look up stag beetle on the internet. I was afraid that when your student wanted to bring in larvae – it was for something awful – like flies!

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