SOLC #9: Cockroach with Claws

He brought it in. The cage,two stag beetles, larvae and even an egg. All the girls started crowding around his desk.

“It’s so cute!!!” Shrieked one of my girls.

“I want one!!!” Yelled another girl.

“Can I have one please?” Asked another girl.

I was so surprised. To me it looked like a big cockroach with claws around its head. I didn’t want it near me or out of it’s container. I definitely didn’t think stag beetles were “cute” pets when I was their age. How times have changed!

the stag beetle larvae

It's home.

The stag beetle egg nestled in the dirt.

Cockroach with claws??!!

Crawling on my student!!

10 thoughts on “SOLC #9: Cockroach with Claws

  1. Deb Day says:

    OK, the title drew me to your post. The simple words and conversation perfectly set the scene. But those pictures–ooooo–gross. I most definitely would not have been excited about the beetle. Must be why I teach high school English classes!

  2. Diana Martin says:

    Your title got me. I really liked your opening line. You put us immediately into the story. I also enjoyed the dialogue. Your piece was so enjoyable to read. Do those claws pinch? Kind of a scary looking thing. Great pictures!

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