SOLC#22: Roadtrip Adventure Part 1

It has been many years since our family has been together on a road trip. It was much easier when we were living under the same roof and in the same continent. However, since we got older it’s hard for our five member family to be altogether at one time and moment.  My parents managed to come visit my brother and I, in Korea during our spring break. We thought it would be a good idea to borrow the school car and go on a road trip to Seorak Mountain a few hours east of Seoul. 

We left our apartment with bags packed with clothes, food and drinks. We loaded up the mini-van (that ran over the yams) and put in our destination on the GPS.  24 hours later, I’m sitting at a PC room in the resort basement with enough stories to write that would fill a short novel.  It almost seemed like everything that could go wrong, did.

Part 1: Car Trouble

After making a detour to Itaewon to pick up  my brother’s camera charger he left at church, we started our way to Seorak mountain. After wrestling with some Seoul traffic, we got out of the city and entered the scenic and beautiful countryside of Korea. We kept driving for over two hours straight, then finally stopped at the rest stop. After eating a hearty meal of ramen, kimbab, kimchi jjigae (stew) and dduk mandoo gook, we got back into the car. My brother kept trying to turn on the ignition, but nothing. The car engine wouldn’t start.

After numerous phone calls, a car mechanic arrived at the rest stop and attempted to start our car by charging the battery. No luck. A few other men came over and tried to help us. They brought their bigger SUV type car and tried to jump start the car by hooking up the cables. Still, no luck. Then, the tow truck came, and we stayed in the mini-van, as we were lifted on top of the tow truck. The truck drove us and the car to the car shop.

The car mechanic got off the phone angry at the Chrysler people for not helping us with the car. The Chrysler people insisted on just bringing the car to their dealership in Seoul. The only possible solution at that point was that the car mechanic would send the min-van by tow truck all the way to Seoul. That would cost about $300. Now, here we were stuck on our vacation, with no car. We ended up getting a cab, that took us to our resort and now we needed to figure out how to get around and how to get back home afterwards!

Stay tuned for part 2….I’ll upload some photos as well once I get back home! 🙂

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