SOLC#24: Home Sweet Home

After many interesting twist and turns on our family roadtrip (See roadtrip adventure #1 & #2), we made it back to our apartment safely this afternoon. We almost got stuck in a snow storm, but luckily left early to avoid it. They were forecasting 10cm of snow in the area later that evening. I’m wondering when spring will come to Seoul.

In the end, it was a quite memorable and fun trip. We got to enjoy the mountains and beach. We ate a lot of good food. We took a lot of photos among our three cameras. Here are some photos I promised from our trip.

@ The East Sea

This rock looks like a face!

Seorak Mountain

Beautiful Scenery

Enjoying Crabs

5 thoughts on “SOLC#24: Home Sweet Home

  1. Linda Baie says:

    It sounds like you are having mercurial weather too, but maybe because of your travel also. I’m glad to see the pictures; our Rocky Mts. are not so pointy as in your pictures, but how beautiful are the ones you visited. The rock face is great, & the crabs make me hungry.

  2. Mrs. V says:

    Beautiful pictures! As far as when spring will come. It must just be one of those years. It will feel like spring for a few days here in the Pacific Northwest, but then it starts snowing again!

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