Seoul Style {Bukchon Village Part 1}

Melody and I embarked on our photo shoot in Bukchon Hanok Village which is easily accessible from Anguk station. I foolishly wore boots with heels thinking that it would look better in photos, but didn’t think about all the walking I would have to do while taking and being in photos, and trekking the icy hills of Bukchon village.

We had an awesome time taking lots of photos of the old Korean style village and streets. Luckily, the weather was a little bit warmer that the past few days. However, by the end of our photo shoot, our fingers were getting frozen and a bit too dark. Thanks to Melody for being a good model and also taking some photos of me! Photo credit to Melody for the pictures of me below!

DSC_1057DSC_1058DSC_1059DSC_1048DSC_1086-2  DSC_1075  DSC_1082DSC_1066

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our journey @ Bukchon village!

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