singapore adventures {marina bay sands hotel}

After quite a lovely Christmas full of friends, food and presents, I still had a lot more of Singapore to show Janice. (I love having visitors!) So I had to take her to my favorite pool with the best view ever at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Janice and I braved some rainy Singapore weather and jumped right in. (Ok, maybe we went in really slowly.) Even the life guard told us that the water was too cold and shook his head, discouraging us from going in. However, once we were in the water and moving around, it wasn’t too bad.   The one good thing about the rain was that at one point, we were the only people in the pool! How many people can say that they were the only people in the infinity pool at MBS?!

After an hour or so, the sun started to make its way out and there was quickly a mob of people making their way to the pool. We stayed to watch the sunset, and see the incredible night skyline of Singapore.  We also had a mini photo-shoot when we asked one of the towel guys to take a picture for us. Janice got all those photos on her camera. They were pretty funny! He even made us pose in front of the life guard chair at one point. All in all, not a bad way to spend our boxing day.

Janice informed me that boxing day is equivalent to our American black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), where there are huge sales.  The things I learn from my Canadian friends! So in the spirit of boxing day, we did some shopping and ending up finding a lot of sales. All I can say is that I might not be the best influence on Janice, shopping wise. However, I think I could argue that shopping on Orchard and the plethora of malls are all part of getting the true “Singapore” experience.

untitled (12 of 13) janice-0788 janice-0791janice-0796janice-0794 janice-0805   janice-0806janice-0810  janice-0818 janice-0819janice-0815

Next stop on our adventures is t h a i l a n d!  Posts coming soon!! 

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