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blogging alongside my students

I was going through my blog the other day and I came across some photos from my older posts, and it made me miss taking photos. It’s not that I’ve stopped taking photos, but I’ve become more dependent on my iPhone to take photos than my dslr. Also, I was reminded that I need to finish taking the Udemy photography course I signed up for earlier this year. As I’ve been scrolling through some old posts, here are some of my favorite photos from various trips and visits I’ve had these past few years.

As I look at these photos, floods of memories fill my mind of the people I traveled with and the memories of the moments. I love how photos can capture so much in one shot.

Just curious, which photo do you like the best? 🙂

  1. Elmer’s Long Bottle Tree Ranch, CaliforniaDSC_0635
  2. Sydney,  Australiasydney-1103 3.Jökulsárlón, IcelandDSC_00764. Lavender by the Bay, Long Islandlavender-02775. Petra, JordanDSC_0892 6. Chiang Mai, Thailandthailand-03297. Siem Reap, Cambodiacfc-0580 8.Haji Lane, Singaporelangkawi-01359. Whampoa Market, Singaporelangkawi-011510. Woodlands, Singaporeoscarmaggie-0861

9 thoughts on “through my eyes

  1. Eun says:

    Your photos are beautiful. Can’t decide between #s 4 and 7 🙂 And, as a side note, #10 invokes warm sunshine lightly treading over one’s body. Thank you for sharing!

  2. elsie says:

    Lavender by the Bay gets my top vote, but I also like the Sydney, Australia one too. You always have the most interesting angle on your photos.

  3. aggiekesler says:

    I love your photos! You have such an eye for it and the stories you tell show your unique perspective. I vote for number 1 or 9, but they all have something special about them. I know what you mean about relying on your iPhone. I love my dslr, too, but it’s much easier to carry my iPhone around than it is my camera and lenses. Hope you finish your course!

  4. edifiedlistener says:

    What a visual treat! I’m so glad I caught this slice. These are wonderfully evocative photos that stir up all kinds of feelings for me. I was especially touched by the baby foot sole but also intrigued by the lavender landscape. Thank you for sharing!

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