life happens


In the beginning of March, I thought that I could write daily for the Slice of Life Challenge this month than life happened. During difficult and stressful times, it’s ok to say no to some things so that you take care of yourself. I was not feeling like I could add any more items to my full plates. As I’m day 2 of our spring break, I am trying to write again. However, it might just be another form of procrastination for me as my to-do list over spring break is much longer than I originally imagined it to be. I’m procrastinating writing a final paper for my doctorate class, grading student work, and Marie kondo-ing my apartment as I’ll be moving out in a few months.

As I watch the news and talk to friends and family back in the States, I can’t help but be incredibly thankful for my health, living in Singapore, and friends and family that are safe and healthy during lock-downs. As anxiety levels continue to rise everywhere and Covid-19 continues to spread, I’m trying to keep things in perspective and positive. I’m thankful that Singapore has not gone to lock-down (schools have not been shut down by the gov’t), how the government has been very clear in communicating the situation, and pro-active in putting protocols in place to protect people since January.

It seems like sometimes the best thing to do is to stay off social media and news, connect with friends and family (virtually), and take breaks by going for walks.

What have you been doing to get through this difficult time?Β 

9 thoughts on “life happens

  1. Ameliasb says:

    I wasn’t sure I was going to participate in the SOL challenge this year and then I just started. Now with this crisis, I’m more committed than ever. It’s my teeny bit of “something completely different” every day.

  2. carwilc says:

    I admire you trying to slice, I have been home for over a week and am still struggling to get my slices written before the very end of the day. You are lucky to live somewhere where the government has been proactive in addressing the virus. I am in Colorado and as of today, we are not supposed to leave our houses except to go to the grocery store or a medical facility. I can only stand so much news, then I have to go for a long walk or retreat into a world of books…

  3. aggiekesler says:

    Hi Jee Young! I totally get it…so much had been going on. On Day 2, my school shut and we all were put into self-quarantine when a teacher tested positive for COVID-19. It’s been a hectic and crazy time, and while I’ve considered dropping out when things were too much, the writing has actually helped me process what’s been going on and has helped me sort out my emotions about it.

    I hope that you continue to remain safe and healthy, and I hope things start to settle down a bit for you. Enjoy your time off- I’m on my break this week, too! Where are you moving next? Staying in Singapore or off someplace else? I’m headed to South Korea in August! πŸ™‚

    • jee young says:

      That’s great that writing has helped you get through everything going on! I’m still saying in Singapore, just moving apartments. I loved living and working in Korea. Which school are you going to???

      • aggiekesler says:

        I’m moving to Jeju! I’ll be at Branksome Hall Asia. πŸ™‚ I just wrote a post about it today.

        If I ever get back to Singers this year (unlikely with coronavirus, but a girl can hope!), let’s meet up!

  4. Denise Krebs says:

    Jee Young, it is good to see you back here at least part time. It is good to reflect. SOL has been good for me this year, as I’ve found I had the time when normally I don’t even try to take the time needed to write. I pray you and your family continue to experience good health, and that this passes sooner rather than later.

    • jee young says:

      Thanks Denise for reading my post! I’m glad to hear that the SOL challenge was good for you and you were able to find time to write! I struggled to keep up with the challenge, but trying to reignite the spark to write again this summer.

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