a dream comes true

One of my dreams for a while has been to get my doctorate. I never thought that it would become a reality as I recognized the rigor, time, and money it takes to achieve that. I didn’t think that I could stop work to do that full time and I didn’t feel smart enough to go through such additional schooling. However, after some encouraging words and an amazing opportunity through my school, I find myself on this journey to get my doctorate  (ED.D) in 3 years. It is not a Ph.D., which usually takes 5 years or so and is a full-time commitment.

I am incredibly thankful that I’m part of a cohort of 23 teachers and administrators from my school that is embarking on this journey. I feel very supported by my school as they have been incredibly supportive throughout this experience. I felt encouraged by admin. to apply for the program when I had asked them about their experiences. We already had one cohort of teachers and admin. go through this program a few years ago.

We are getting an educational doctorate in educational leadership through U.S.C. in California. It is a hybrid of an online program, where we Zoom with our Professors on Saturday mornings and they fly into Singapore for a few days as well. I have been soaking up everything I’ve been learning in our courses and applying what I learn to the classroom and to the work that I do daily with my colleagues as a learner and leader.

I’m not sure where this program will lead me. People have asked if I want to go into administration or become a professor afterward, and the answer is I don’t know. As I’ve been learning so much through my classes, my ideas on dissertation topics keep changing. My passions and areas that I want to study keep changing and morphing as I continue to see the inequities that are apparent in our education systems.

Through this journey, I’ve been reminded of why I entered into this field of education as an ambitious, idealistic, naive 21-year-old New Yorker. I’m reminded that there is so much work that needs to get done in education and I can continue to push against the structures, challenge the status quo,  and empower the people in my spheres of influence. 

So here I am, finishing my first year of the program and contemplating how I can be an anti-racist educator and continue to fight against inequity. I would feel grateful if you can journey alongside of me!

4 thoughts on “a dream comes true

  1. Justin Kim says:

    This is awesome. Congrats and I wish you much strength to complete this program. It’s going to be an arduous journey for sure. With this, I know you will be making more of a difference in so many young people’s lives.

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