#SOL20 Things I’ve Grown to Appreciate During Covid-19

In my head I've reflected about what I've been learning during this Covid-19 time, but I think it's about time that I started to write them down before I quickly forget. There have definitely been highs and lows during Covid-19 and distance learning was not easy. (We are going back to the classroom in about … Continue reading #SOL20 Things I’ve Grown to Appreciate During Covid-19

2015 in review

One of the most important lessons I attained from my graduate degree in education is the importance of reflection. Every week, instead of tests (thank goodness for progressive education), we wrote pages and pages of reflections on our learning. We reflected on everything- from our journey as teachers, education theory, pedagogy, experiences in the classroom, … Continue reading 2015 in review

a new thanksgiving tradition

Orange is the new color of choice for a group of SAS teachers during thanksgiving weekend, as we venture to Changi airport with bags packed to the brim, full of a hodgepodge of donatable¬†school supplies, translated Khmer posters, lesson plans, art kits, and the minimal pieces of clothes and toiletries to last us through the … Continue reading a new thanksgiving tradition