grand canyon- a name well earned

Two things that are true about my mom are: she gets her way, and she knows best. After I did some actual research about driving from LA to the Grand Canyon, I realized it was a good 8 hour drive. I originally just thought it would be like 4 hours from LA. Nope, a good … Continue reading grand canyon- a name well earned

hong kong- hills, charm, and grit

Hong Kong is definitely one of my favorite cities in Asia. I always look forward to visiting this city full of surprises, charm, good food, and hills. It's even more fun when you have good friends that live there (#jandjinhk). Hong Kong definitely has a good mix of urban grittiness and nature throughout. We had … Continue reading hong kong- hills, charm, and grit

exploring singapore’s coney island

One of the things on my to do list for my vacation was to visit the newly opened Coney Island Park here in Singapore.  Unsurprisingly, this Coney Island bears very little resemblance to the famous Coney Island amusement park and beach in Brooklyn, New York. It was actually the original intent of this island when bought … Continue reading exploring singapore’s coney island

vacation means…

Vacation means sleeping in, hanging out with friends and their beautiful babies, taking photos, eating good food, reading, and blogging. I'm hoping to catch up on many overdue blog posts in these next few weeks while traveling and celebrating the holidays. Can you believe that 2015 is almost over? It's definitely time to reflect on … Continue reading vacation means…