Global Read Aloud Project Kickoff

One of my goals for this new school year is to be part of projects that collaborate with other schools. So, I decided to join the global read aloud project. I volunteered to help plan and also blog about this project. Take a look at my first post on the website: Why Did I Join? … Continue reading Global Read Aloud Project Kickoff

3 Words to Describe ISTE 11 (as a newbie)

3 Words to Describe ISTE 11 (as a newbie) 1. Overwhelmed- This was my first time at the ISTE ¬†(International Society for Technology in Education)¬†conference. This is a huge conference with about 20,000 educators coming from all over the world. It was held at the Philadelphia Convention Center which spreads across many blocks of Philly. … Continue reading 3 Words to Describe ISTE 11 (as a newbie)